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Organic and Natural

Soft Peaks Ice Cream offers organic milk soft serve, a first of its kind in Vancouver.

We avoid unnecessary use of toxic ingredients when we make our ice cream. Instead we use all-natural ingredients, including organic milk, organic cream, organic milk powder, and organic stabilizers or emulifiers. We use dextrose to replace genetically modified sugar (GMO) like high fructose corn syrups. All stabilizers/emulifiers that we use are Kosher certified.


Home Made


Why scoop when you can twist, with a healthy and delicious choice.

Handcrafted soft serve. Soft Peaks ice cream is made from scratch every day with our homemade recipe. With a base of milk, the fat content of our ice cream is less than 6%, as opposed to the more typical cream-heavy recipes that average 15%.



We Love Local.

We source most of our ingredients from local farms, growers and businesses.
Our premium toppings, like a fresh piece of honeycomb are from Okanagan and Fraser Valley. Our ice cream cups, spoons, and napkins are from local suppliers. Some of them are alsocompostable through the local recycling program. Our plan is to donate part of our sales to community charities, with a focus on helping children, such as Children’s Hospital. We are continously looking for ways to support these charities.