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The special “handcrafted” Soft Peaks recipe is made with Avalon organic milk, a touch of sweetness, and is then churned to smooth perfection. The result is a refreshing and creamy dessert that is all-natural, and lower in calories and fat than ice cream. In addition to organic milk, organic cream, organic milk powder, and organic stabilizers/ emulsifiers (all of them are Kosher certified), we use dextrose to replace generically modified sugar (GMO) like high fructose corn syrup when we make our ice cream.

We Love Local! Premium toppings, like a fresh piece of Okanagan and Fraser Valley honeycomb, have been crafted for perfect pairings. All of our milk comes from Avalon Dairy, a local dairy farm known for its uncompromising quality. Our ice cream cups, spoons, and napkins are from local suppliers. Some of them are also compostable. We also support the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation by donating partial proceeds from our sales.

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25 Alexander St.
Vancouver, BC.

P. 604-559-2071
E. info@softpeaks.ca

Store Hours:
Everyday  1pm-10pm


4603 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC.

P. 604-620-5887
E. burnaby@softpeaks.ca

Store Hours:
Everyday  10am-10pm


 Cup Full Dessert Café
2079-1163 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam


 The Portside Pub
7 Alexander St., Vancouver


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